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Little peaches - Photographer Mark Lycet

Little Peaches Bio

From the tropical rainforests of Cairns, Australia, Little Peaches found her small city couldn’t meet her ambitions, so she jumped on a plane and settled in the UK, determined to take on the burlesque world!

A few years later, Little Peaches was struck down with Ehlers Danlos Syndrome making it excruciatingly painful to move. Being the stubborn maverick that she is, she was determined to dance again so she spent months retraining and developing her new style of burlesque in her wheelchair. 

Since then she has been booked worldwide and been named in the top 50 most influential burlesque figures in the world. She is also the creator and producer of international sell-out show DisabiliTease’ . Plus she spent 4 years co-producing the international sell out show  ‘The Secret Circus’. 

Little Peaches, creates acts that tell stories that bring to light experiences that people with disabilities face. Her debut act in her wheelchair ‘Warrior’, shows the strength and power that people with disabilities have to gather each day in order to live in a society that isn’t built for them. It has been booked in seven different countries to date including the prestigious Burlesque Hall of Fame.


Little Peaches next act, ‘Reborn’, shows a very vulnerable side to her experience of being told she wasn’t enough and that because of her disabilities she was broken. Through her movements she was determined to show that she and others who experience the same story are more than enough, they are worthy of all the rights and love that a non-disabled person receives. 

She’s queer, she’s disabled, she’s opiniated an she refuses to follow doctors orders. Little Peaches will break your heart, tell stories it holds, whip you into shape and prove that people with disabilities are worthy. 

Photographer: Mark Lycett

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