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DisabiliTease Poster featuring, Miss Dottie May, Arielle Firecracker and Little Peaches

DisabiliTease sell-out debut show.


DisabiliTease hit the stage for the very first time in 2019 to a sell out crowd at The Liverpool Everyman theatre 

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Debut Digital DisabiliTease


Due to Covid, DisabiliTease had to go virtual which opened it's doors for many more performers all over the world. 

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Digital DisabiliTease


For the second Digital DisabiliTease Little Peaches joined forces with Arielle Firecracker to bring the world an even more accessible show! It was created with the new element of audio descriptions. 

VHOF DisabiliTease poster.jpg

DisabiliTease the Burlesque Hall of Fame special


In 2021 DisabiliTease was given the amazing oppurtunity to produce a show as part of The Burlesque Hall of Fames online weekender! If you missed this show it's still available online. Just send us and email on the contact page for info.

It was such an incredibly inspiring and overwhelming night surrounded by friends and family, embracing my disability and finally feeling comfortable with being open about it! My "coming out" ceremony!

The future is so bright, you gotta wear shades! -


Dottie May

Last night I performed in @littlepeachesburlesque Digital Disabilitease and I have seldom felt so seen, valued, understood, protected and wanted. As a disabled person my body is rarely my own. It so often belongs to my illness, my doctors, my pain but not last night. This bad ass with the #fatasss took control and isn’t she just delicious


Piggy Rox

I can be sexy and beautiful with or without my mobility aid.

#DisabiliTease has really pushed me to feel BEAUTIFUL regardless of it and even if I felt I was ok with it, the grief of loosing your body can be traumatic and tremendous and I wouldn’t do any of it without @littlepeachesburlesque and every single beautiful woman who has become so dear to me showing and sharing their strength and unconditional drive to prove twats wrong!  

Natalia Bedkowska

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